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Aerial Park, Zip Line & Rope Course Consulting Services

On-Site Training

Ascent offers custom education for your operation. From rope access and work-at-height training to inspection and maintenance training, our goal is to create training and educational experiences that meet your specific needs. Along with training opportunities, Ascent’s team of design experts and consultants can help you create treetop obstacle courses and mountaintop adventure programs to maintain the knowledge and share it with new team members. 

Man Wearing Safety Geat at Aerial Adventure Park

Our Process


Inspection of your Aerial Adventure Course

Ascent will provide an Annual Professional Inspection with adherence to the ANSI/ACCT 03-2019 standards. We will also be looking at items that will need maintenance in the coming seasons and discuss areas where your  team would like to make improvements. You will receive a report that lists all items that need attention with recommendations for repair. You will also receive a list of items that will be requiring repair or attention in the near future.


Develop a Tailored Plan

Ascent will work with your staff to create a plan to address any of the deficiencies found during the inspection. As part of the long term process, we incorporate the custom educational services and coaching to develop a maintenance program that your team can maintain and grow. Ascent collaborates with your team to forecast and plan any maintenance, modifications, and equipment replacements. We can also help find any specialty vendors to help with any additional needs (e.g. Professional Engineer, Arborist, Utility Pole Inspector, Installation Company, etc.). 


Execution with Support

Ascent will support your team through the process, using teachable moments, project based learning, and project management assistance, your team will grow their confidence and complete projects. We will help create your maintenance program and procedures so that your team has ownership of the system from the very beginning.  As your team gains the skills and knowledge they will be able to tackle more projects with less oversight. Do not fret, Ascent will still be here to continue supporting.

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What We Do

Professional Inspection Services

Ascent offers a full spectrum of inspection and audit services. We are qualified to perform both structural inspections and operational reviews of your course.

  • Annual/Bi-Annual Professional Inspection
  • Acceptance Inspection as part of the Commissioning Process
  • Post Event (environmental, malfunction/failure, other)
  • Major Modification Inspection
  • Operational Review

Technical Consulting

Technical Consultation will coach and train on-site Aerial Adventure Course operational staff to perform more of their hands-on inspection and maintenance to move your park closer to independence. We approach this through collaboration, your organization’s goals are the framework and we help you fill in the body as we move along. Our focus is on direct involvement learning, project-based teachable moments, and your team having the skills to not only maintain the programs but to expand them to meet your future needs.

  • Initial In-house Maintenance and Inspection Training
  • Develop your organization’s maintenance and inspection protocols and program to include in-house-led training.
  • Plan and coordinate course improvements and major modifications with your staff, developing the skills to complete future projects with the level of additional assistance you desire.
  • Long term course maintenance and improvement forecasting and planning
  • Owner Representative and Construction Management services